3 Weeks to a Solo Show

(Sunday, February 2nd, 3:15pm)….and very little artwork to show at the moment. I will be updating this post as a post in process, hopefully ending with a finished solo show! The title of the show, Poetic Architecture, is not only a site specific exhibit, responding to Art House 473 as a space, but also a visual exposition exploring linguistic philosophy. Each piece will inform the next and create a visual dialogue where a piece only has meaning and context because it is in conversation with another piece. I want to play with the way we traditionally view artwork in a space and how we consider the interrelation of work in an exhibit. The link to language is that the idea that words or concepts don’t have meaning in isolation. One needs to build a framework or network of words and concepts in order to begin ascribing meaning.

One of the primary “frameworks” I will be working from will be an installation using my temporary structures. For the most part, I have used these structures for utility. These structures have made temporary walls to hold up work or otherwise used to support other artwork. This is one of the first installations where I will be considering how the structures could be built aesthetically, intuitively, and with the knowledge that I will be basing more artwork on it.

Yesterday I set up some structures that will hold work yet to be made to give me an idea of what size work would be good.

Tuesday, February 4th –

A structure has been assembled that will be the reference for more work in the exhibit. I’m not sure how 3 weeks ended up being about 2 weeks so quickly.


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